Men’s Erroneous Perception of Therapy

October 21, 2020

Over the years of working with both men and women as a therapist, I have noticed a big resistance in men when it comes to talking about their struggles within their intimate relationships.


According to a research conducted by American Psychological Association, “dozens of studies and surveys over the past several decades have shown that men of all ages and ethnicities are less likely than women to seek help for all sorts of problems–including depression, substance abuse and stressful life events–even though they encounter those problems at the same or greater rates as women.” 


As far as I have observed, men seldom ask for help, and they do not like to talk about their feelings. So seeking therapy or help about their feelings — is the ultimate affront to many men’s masculinity which leads them to avoid therapy all together.


Men like to think of themselves as strong, tough and confident. But when it comes to emotional and mental issues, men need to quit trying to bottle up and suppress their feelings. Men’s mental health is as important as their physical health. Not addressing negative feelings is not healthy and can have a profound impact on their lives.


Depression is one of the most common reasons men should seek professional help. Due to Covid-19, life has become tough for most people, unemployment, strained relationships, uncertain future, death of a spouse or loved one can trigger prolonged sadness, lack of energy, health problems and a constant feeling of stress. These life situations may even lead to destructive behavior like alcohol or substance abuse.

Identifying Depression in Men | Denver Men's Therapy | Counseling for Men

While most men recognize these behavioral changes within themselves, they may not know the root cause, or if they do, they don’t know what to do about it. This is where a therapist can lend a helping hand. He / She can identify the cause of your problems and help you resolve them one by one.  


Therapy serves as a private, confidential space where men can openly connect to what matters to them. A therapist can assist with awareness of oneself, teach ways of expressing psychological pain, and assist with more effective ways of being. 


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